Monday, December 17, 2007

Train paintings

These were the front an back covers for a book I illustrated for John Maag and Sue Kemp called Peculiar Tracks for Derailing Resistance. It was a fun project to work on and gave me a chance to paint a train, something I hadn't done before this one.

Christmas Card

I did this one for my wife after about 10 years of her asking for one...maybe one day I will paint her another one :)

I want to be a cowboy...

Or at least I did when I was a kid...I changed my mind when I figured out they were not all like the Lone Ranger.

Rooster Rider

This is one I did for my sister for Christmas.

Halloween Paintings...

These were painted for a children's show I did for Halloween.

And still another for the same project

Some work for a project I am working on...

Just some new paintings for a project I am working on.