Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Captain

Here is a doodle I did with my new ink to test out the paper I use with the ink. I am happy the way it turned out and I plan on using this as a jumping on point for a future painting. I am really starting to like the black and white style because it forces me to look at an image without all the major detail.

For some reason everytime I look at this guy I see Charlie Sheen.

Strange how the mind works.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Tusken Raider

This is a new style I am trying out. I have found a great Sumi ink from Japan and it smells awesome and the blacks are really dark. I have been on a quest for a really nice Black ink that only goes into the gray scale if I add water or something else...not turn gray right out of the bottle. I used to really like Higgins Black Magic ink but it lost its darkness over time.

Anyhow I approached this draawing with very little pencil work for the underdrawing, basically enough to get the idea. The main drawing was done in ink, something a artist named Grant Lund many years ago told me to to gain more confidence in your drawing skills...draw in ink.

He was right!

And this is Star Wars...something that got me into drawing many years ago!

Fun stuff.